Get winter prepared!

Selected p​opulation groups are recommended to receive an additional booster dose to increase vaccine protection before winter.  These groups are:

  • ​Adults aged 65 years and older
  • Residents of aged care or disability care facilities
  • People aged 16 years and older with severe immunocompromise
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 years and older

The additional winter booster dose can be given from 4 months or longer after the person has received their first booster dose, or from 4 months after a confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection, if infection occurred since the person’s first COVID-19 booster dose. (

Free COVID-19 vaccinations are available to everyone aged 5 years and over. You need two doses to be considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Primary Schedule

Pfizer Vaccine available for all patients aged 5+ years.
Moderna Vaccine available for all patients aged 6+ years.

AstraZeneca Vaccine available now for patients aged 18+ years.

Novavax Vaccine available now for patients aged 18+ years.



A booster is recommended for people aged 18 years and older, THREE months after your second dose. 

Pfizer and Moderna are the preferred vaccines for boosters.

Astra Zeneca and Novavax Vaccines are NOT available as boosters unless specified by your Doctor with an accompanying Doctor's letter.

Bookings are essential. Book your COVID-19 Vaccination appointment today.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Pfizer Booster Vaccines available for patients aged 12+ years (2nd dose has to be more than 4 months earlier).

AstraZeneca Vaccine available for patients aged 18+ years.

Moderna Vaccine avaialble for patients aged 12-59 years.

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COVID-19 Vaccination

Changes to trading hours:

Thursday 1st April - 8.15am - 7.30pm

Friday 2nd April (Good Friday) - CLOSED

Saturday 3rd April (Easter Saturday) - 8.30am - 6.30pm

Sunday 4th April (Easter Sunday) - CLOSED

Monday 5th April (Easter Monday) - 9.00am - 5.30pm

Tuesday 6th April - 8.15am - 7.30pm

Happy Easter from Suzanne & the team at Mosman Prescription Centre!

Have you had your flu shot yet?  At Mosman Prescription Centre our professionall trained pharmacists are able to give you your flu shot. 

Fight the flu!  Book your flu shot now!

Mosman Prescription Centre Pharmacy Chemist Flu Shot Vaccination
Mosman Prescription Centre Pharmacy Chemist Free Local Area Delivery
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Public Holidays

Mosman Prescription Centre has been a trusted part of the Mosman community for over 30 years. We are open 7 days a week from early until late to be here when you need us the most. You can always speak with a pharmacist at Mosman Prescription Centre.

Our professionally trained pharmacists specialise in providing customised compounded eczema treatments, weekly medicine packs and compression garment fitting and advice.

We stock a wide range of pharmacy products to cater for all of your health and personal care needs. Including first aid, vitamins, supplements, skin care, cosmetics, over the counter medicines and home health & mobility equipment.

We look forward to having you visit us in store soon to experience the Mosman Prescription Centre difference!

Mosman Prescription Centre Pharmacy Weekly Medicines Packs Websterpaks Dose Administration Aids
Mosman Prescription Centre Pharmacy Chemist Compounded Eczema Treatments
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Compression Garment Supply & Advice

Weekly Medicines Packs

Our specially trained team can assist you with your Compression Garments.  We will accurately measure and fit your garments to ensure the best fit and support.  Ask our friendly team for more details.

Do you need help organising your medicines? Often when you're on a few medicines it can be confusing and difficult to take them at the right time every day. A 'Weekly Medicines Pack' is a convenient way of taking medicines. Each week you'll get a pack of your medicines organised by day and time of day. Gone are the days of keeping five boxes of different medicines and being stressed whether you took your morning dose or not. A weekly medicines pack solves that. Ask today!

Customised Compounded Eczema Treatments

At Mosman Prescription Centre we compound our own exclusive range of Eczema treatments called Krem Relief

Krem Relief is specially formulated and proven to aid in the treatment and prevention of sensitive, dry, eczema and dermatitis prone skin.

- Suzanne - Pharmacist Owner

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We are here to maintain the health and well-being of you!

I am very proud of my team at Mosman Prescription Centre.

We treat our customers like family and go the extra mile to give personal service. 

I have been a pharmacist for over 20 years and have a passion for helping people.  All my staff share my values and know that being trusted, reliable and down to earth will mean success for us all.  I invite you to experience the Mosman Prescription Centre difference! 

See you in store soon!

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We are a PBS prescription dispensing pharmacy.  Our professional pharmacists will dispense your scripts carefully and accurately.  This attention to detail has lead to our outstanding reputation in the Mosman community.  We also look after the communities of Beauty Point, Georges Height, Cremorne and Clifton Gardens. We dispense PBS prescriptions, Concession prescriptions, Entitlement Card prescriptions, Repatriation/Repat/DVA prescriptions, all repeat prescriptions and Schedule 3 medicines.

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